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Welcome to Farrever Corgis!

We breed quality corgi puppies. We strive to create a forever family member. We breed quality not quantity; we have a limited number of corgis in order to ensure the best possible puppies. Our dogs do not live in kennels separate from us. They sleep in our bedroom, watch TV with us, watch us while we eat, and even join us in the bathroom! They are our family members and constantly follow us around the house.  We invest a great deal of time, effort, and money into our corgis and their puppies everyday, as we are dedicated to producing well rounded dogs. Puppies are hand raised in home with constant attention and care. We use "Puppy Culture" to raise our puppies. We continually broaden our knowledge base with the most up to date research and information about medicine, nutrition, care, training, and breeding. In this, we strive to produce puppies with sound temperament, mind, and health. We just recently moved to north of Houston, Texas however, we still have roots in Virginia! 

Genetic Testing

Our corgis are tested for genetic diseases that are common to the breed DM, VWD & EIC. 

Health Assurance

Puppies come with a one-year genetic health guarantee and 30 days of pet insurance.

Veterinarian Check

Our puppies are seen by a licensed vet before le​aving us. 

Family Companion

We truly want your dog to be your family's best friend. 

Lifelong Breeder Support

You can freely reach out with any questions or concerns for support and advice. 

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