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Holiday and Christmas Puppies

Puppies are super cute and adorable – what could be a better surprise on Christmas morning then a baby corgi jumping out of a box with a ribbon? What people don’t realize is that while a Christmas puppy may receive the “wow” factor, this quickly dies after the reality of responsibility kicks in. Here at Farrever Corgis, we don’t sell Christmas puppies and truly believe that families should never buy them either. Below are some of the reasons why we are against the practice of bringing home Christmas puppies:

1.Puppies should never be bought or given without prior consent of all parties. A Christmas ‘surprise’ can turn sour if everyone in the family was not informed. While the recipient might be excited, other members of the family could be unwilling to accept the puppy. It is not only unfair to the dog, but also to everyone involved.

2. The Holiday time is too busy to adequately care for a new puppy. There is a lot of hustle and bustle around Christmas, and getting a puppy requires a lot of time and dedication. Regardless of whether you’re taking vacation days or you automatically have that time off, your attention will be split between holiday gathering, finding gifts, and/or travel. Puppies need routine, and it will be hard to establish this during the holidays. Adding a puppy will only result in neglect of the things, or the puppy itself.

3.The holidays are an expensive time, adding a puppy could produce more financial strain. Many people don’t truly realize the cost of puppy ownership, past the initial investment of purchasing the puppy. It is more then just vet bills and food. It is also toys, treats, and training. These costs could add up. Stay tuned for another post about the cost analysis of raising a puppy in its first year!

4.Ask yourself if this could be an impulsive buy or if it is the best decision for the puppy? Furthermore, breeders should have not Christmas puppies readily available, able to be sent home with red bows. Even rescues and shelters are cautious about adopting out dogs during the holidays. 

5.Potty training in the dead of the winter is terrible! Just … please don’t do it. 


Richmond, Virginia 

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