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Our D​ogs



Primrose or "Rosie" is sweet, kind, and gentle. She is both smart and stubborn. She is a velcro dog, following us everywhere we go. Rosie would rather be human than a dog. She is super loyal to her family, and will bark at intruders. However, she loves to meet new people. Rosie has a high prey drive, and will play ball for hours. 

Primrose's Genetic Testing and Pedigree


Violette or "Lettie" is the most laid back, calm, and sweet corgi you'll ever meet. She is very poised and beautiful. She loves to be cuddled and is always ready for affection. Lettie has the most expressive eyes, always conveying how she is feeling, whether it be surprised or excitement. 

Violette's Genetic Testing and Pedigree


Willough or "LoLo" is the dopiest out of our crew, always so silly and brings about laughter. She is the most affectionate, always giving a million kisses. Lolo loves to talk to you when she wants attention. When everyone is out playing, we'll still find LoLo at the door wanting to come back inside to be with us. 

Willough's Genetic Testing and Pedigree


Buttercup or "Butt Butt" is a reserved and observant corgi. She is generally shy towards new people, but will warm up over time. She's extremely loyal and dedicated to her family. Buttercup rarely gives kisses, but when she does, you know it's worth it. 

Buttercup's Genetic Testing and Pedigree



Ollie is co-owned by us. This means that he also belongs to another breeder in Delaware and does not reside with us full time. Ollie is a very happy-go-lucky boy, he's always happy to see you. So happy, that he gets overly excited that he can't help but 'jump for joy'! If Ollie had an adjective to describe him, it would be effervescent. 

Ollie's Genetic Testing and Pedigree

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